Group Physiotherapy Classes
Baby Boot Camp

Post Natal Exercise Class

BBC is a structured exercise program is designed for mothers 6 weeks post-natal and above. You can bring your baby/ies too. A great way for new mums to socialise with in a safe, supportive environment while improving fitness, strength, abdominal & pelvic floor function.

Bubs & Bellies

Pre Natal Exercise Class

BBC is a pregnancy specific class to music involving warm-up, cardio fitness, strength and toning then stretch and cool down. The class utilises a variety of exercise formats including; Pilates, and aerobics. It is designed for you to exercise in a safe environment while having fun. Class sizes can range from 3 to 10.

Clinical Pilates

Patient-tailored Pilates

The aim of group physiotherapy is to develop a strong core of muscles around the spine and pelvis, to ensure efficient movement and to prevent / treat injuries especially.  Group physiotherapy rectifies imbalances in posture, muscle strength and joint movement.


Male Pelvic Floor Exercise Class

Pump is a Pilates class designed just for men, to help regain physical strength and endurance by incorporating education, resistance training, clinical Pilates, fatigue management and exercise prescription- particularly for men post prostate surgery

Class Prices

Pilates classes have a maximum of four people.

Exercise and education classes has a maximum of 12 people.